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You can login with facebook or register a new account.

(2) Facebook登錄,系統會詢問您的使用權,然後登錄
(3) B&M新帳戶,我們需要您的電子郵件地址和您的姓名。 我們將通過電郵發密碼給您,然後您可以登錄我們的系統。
(4) 如果您沒有收到我們的電子郵件, 可能你的郵件系統自動轉至垃圾郵件箱內

(1) You can select to logon our system using Facebook account or you can create a new account at our system
(2) For Facebook logon, it will ask your permission to use and then logon
(3) For our B&M account, we will need your email address and your name. We will send you email with password, afterward, you can logon to our system.
(4) If you can't receive our email, the system may automatically redirect it to the Junk Mail Folder

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